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Monday, January 27, 2014

Kiss Aftermath - Nude Version

The alternate version of the cell colored commission for Maelora69, hope you folks like it.

Btw I completely forget to mentioned you guys that the third episode of Ridin'Up is been posted on Studio Cutepet several weeks ago, go ahead and check the 3 first pages available there and not forget to let some comments there to support the comic :D

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sketchfan said...

'scuse me while I die of happiness
nikia:*getting ready to join in*
and loving riding up,parts 1 and 2 were a blast and loving part 3 so far

Man's Rage Magazine said...

This is the hottest thing I can imagine, and with my Pornographic memory I can imagine QUITE a bit.

Frankly, I almost wish I was a pornographer...uh, well it's "Erotic Photographer" these days. I'd try to re-create this scene, getting a voluptuous darker woman, dying her hair, then a petite lady preferably a lesbo and putting some henna patterns on her to make those tattoos... Then both a bunch of photos and a good lesbo porn film.

Sadly, copyright law works that if you looked through a penthouse / hustler whatever and liked a pose and copied it even not tracing it, you technically need to pay royalties at least to the source. That's broken a LOT though, and though I remember I never told.

If some pornographer (not me, got my own projects) sets up this scene, would you want money from them or is it OK?

FLAVIA said...

excelent post