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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brooke X Mandy Passionate Kiss

Work for jayceeknight of his OC's Characters Brooke and Mandy. Originally I would post this on Deviant Art, but lately they policy of what they saw as a porn is getting in my nerves so I prefer post this kind of little action in here (not the kiss action of course...the down part action :D). Hope you folks like it.

Brooke and Mandy are © Bloomin' Faeries/JayceeKnight. Artwork by Me.


sketchfan said...

damn you da for denying us thi paradise*shakesfist*between this and the pic with maya and jessy..humina humina

sketchfan said...

<<and yes,is me again..¬¬what can I say,when I make a guarantee,I deliver

sketchfan said...

<<more than one comment is fine right?even if from the same guy?