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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mind in Revolt

A work done for the awesome Supro3D, of his gorgeous OC Lana, hope you folks enjoy this voluptuous lady. As always I let you known that the next page of my erotic web comic DOLLZ is already posted on the website of Studio Cutepet and too a gorgeous page of our colleague Tentacle Monster Chu, give it a look :D

Lana belongs to Supro3D, art by DarkerEve.


sketchfan said...

what a gal and loved page 3 of dollz,damn the week long wait for each page is so damn tedious

Frederick Heinz said...

so do u still do commisions? I'm curious on what your prices are because these are awesome!!

DarkerEve said...

Hi Frederick, sorry for the delay. Right now I have my list full, but if your have a deviant art account, check my journals for known when I will be available for commissions again.